Bus Schedules

Bus pick-up and drop-off schedules will be mailed out the week before the new academic school year begins.

About Bus Transportation

Transportation is a service provided by the school. Students who take advantage of school transportation must follow and obey all bus procedures and regulations.

In the morning, if the bus does not arrive within 15 minutes of the normal time (except for foggy day schedules), the child should return home and the school should be notified.

McSwain School requires that TK - 2 students must be returned to school if someone is not at home to meet the child. An adult must be in clear sight in order for a TK - 2 student to be dropped off. If the driver can not see an adult the child will be returned to the school. Three or more offenses may result in a suspension of bus privileges.

Students damaging upholstery or equipment will be liable for the cost of damages and repair. Persistent refusal to submit to the authority of the bus driver or to obey the regulations shall be sufficient reason to deny transportation to a student. The driver, administrator, director of transportation, or other person responsible for safe bus operation may deny transportation services.

School transportation is a privilege not a right

School Bus Safety Procedures

Driving a school bus is one of the most challenging jobs in the district and one of the most critical ones where safety is concerned. Many parents have experienced driving a van full of children and can appreciate the step up to driving a bus full of 70 or so children. A partnership between driver and parent to help enforce the procedures goes a great distance toward making our buses as safe as possible for our children.

For the safety and welfare of students being transported, all students must follow the procedures:


  • Be at the bus stop five minutes before the scheduled pick-up time.
  • Stay to the side of all roadways.
  • Wait until the bus has stopped and the door is opened before moving toward the bus.
  • Enter the bus without delay and be seated as the driver directs.
  • The driver may assign students’ seats.
  • Remain seated with feet on the floor, facing forward, while the bus is in motion.
  • Stop all talking and noise and remain quiet while the bus interior lights are on.
  • Remain seated until students in front of you have disembarked.
  • Cross only in front of the bus where and when the driver is controlling traffic.
  • Hold your backpack or instruments on your lap.


  • Crowd or push at the bus stop or when boarding or disembarking.
  • Open windows without permission of the driver.
  • Whistle, sing, shout or make unnecessary noise, use profanity, or behave boisterously.
  • Eat, chew gum, or drink beverages.
  • Change seats unless directed to do so by the bus driver.
  • Throw objects inside or outside the bus.
  • Bring live animals or pets on the bus.
  • Carry breakable or glass objects on the bus.
  • Disembark at places other than the usual stop without written request from parent and approval by administration.
  • Students may drop written special parent requests at the office on the morning of the request.
  • Carry large class projects on the bus.
  • Parents should transport either the child and the project or just the project to the school in these circumstances.
  • Block the isle with your belongings or body parts.


NOTE: Students who violate bus rules will receive bus referrals which could result in a warning to suspension of transportation privileges.

The bus driver is responsible for notifying the parents via the referral on the first offense. The driver will contact parents on all subsequent offenses by phone. Suspension from the bus includes exclusion from all school activities requiring bus transportation during the period of the suspension. Bus referrals are counted as school referrals for eligibility requirements for school activities. If a parent has a question regarding bus procedures or an incident please call 24 the school to make an appointment to speak to the department of transportation.