These statements, all in support of the district mission statement, create a frame of reference by which we will govern ourselves in the interest of strengthening collegiality and commitment among our grade level teams.

District Mission

McSwain Union Elementary School District, in partnership with the community, is dedicated to excellence and the preparation of all students through a commitment to progressive and comprehensive education in a safe and positive learning environment.


The administrative team supports the mission of McSwain Elementary School District. We will work to create a culture and environment that allows our teachers and students maximum opportunities for success. Further, we will treat all of our clients with respect and courtesy, and we will be models of positive and professional behavior.

Transitional Kindergarten

We believe that all children need the opportunity to be exposed to educational experiences and curriculum that is age and developmentally appropriate. Through the social and academic experiences students will be prepared for a successful school career.


We believe kindergarten children will learn to become independent and creative thinkers, gain confidence and become aware of their own strengths, grow to be self - motivated learners, and draw from their kindergarten foundation for further education.

First Grade

We believe all first graders have the right to learn in a safe and non-threatening environment. All children can and will learn at their own pace through balanced and progressive instruction.

Second Grade

We feel that all second grade students will be able to learn to the best of their individual abilities, in a consistently safe and respectful environment. They will become successful with independent and cooperative problem solving, and learn through teaching methods appropriate to each individual student.

Third Grade

We are committed to building a bridge from the primary to the intermediate classroom. Students learn to appreciate their own uniqueness while celebrating the diversity of others. Through the process of cooperative interaction and fostering a sense of independence and accountability, students are encouraged to become questioning, literate, and respectful citizens.

Fourth Grade

We are dedicated to providing a high quality, comprehensive education that integrates problem solving with the basics, while developing responsible work habits and independent study skills.

Fifth Grade

We believe students have the right to pursue knowledge in a safe, orderly environment, while being held accountable for their choices. Our goal is for our students become life - long learners.

Middle School

McSwain Middle School will enhance the educational, social, and emotional development of our young adolescents and build upon the foundation laid in their first six years.

Support Team

The support staff will provide services to help every child succeed in school by providing educational, technical, physical, emotional and social assistance. We also provide support for staff as they strive to meet their professional goals.

Code of Conduct

McSwain Elementary School takes pride in providing each student an opportunity to succeed. Attending McSwain School is an opportunity to share in the best educational experience possible. It is a privilege to be a part of the McSwain student body, and certain responsibilities need to be met in order to earn that privilege. We make an effort to live “The Mustang Way” based on the promise that all students have the right and obligation to learn in a safe and clean environment, free from anything which prohibits optimum learning. These rights and responsibilities exist for teachers and for students alike in order to provide this optimum learning environment.

The Mustang Way

We believe in a just and fair process of learning.
Therefore, all students and adults, being McSwain Mustangs
Are expected to:
Be respectful of
Respect all personal and school property;
Come to class with all materials and be prepared to learn;
Be on time;
Abide by school rules both in and out of the classroom;
Show school pride and spirit.